At this Illinois bar, there's a lost cat hanging out.

Many years ago, my wife and I were living in an apartment. It was a nice day, so we had the sliding glass door to our deck open. Somehow our cat figured out how to open to screen and she decided to take a walk. A few minutes later, we were freaking out because we couldn't find her and we noticed there was a way out. So after we found her looking into the neighbor's window.

Luckily, we didn't really lose our kitty. I see the posts on social media about missing animals and it breaks my heart. That would be a terrible ordeal to go through.

There's a cat in Palatine, Illinois that appears to be out on its own. Hopefully, they will be able to find the family quickly. This feline picked a strange place to hang out.

According to,

"A lost kitty walked into TJ O'Brien's Bar & Grill. While it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, it's not. It's a true story. The cute tabby has no collar, chip, or tags. However, they are eager to find the kitty's owner."

Before you ask, here's the answer to the important question.

"Fear not. She was not served because she is underage."

Maybe, she's just sick of her family being home all the time and needed a break.

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