At the I-90 and Rockton Road toll plaza, how many cars could $10,000 pay for?

Hopefully, you know by now, 96.7 The Eagle has your chance to win the Ultimate Stimulus Check. That could be up to $10,000. If you don't, then you need to read this immediately. HERE.

That's a pretty nice chunk of change. That could make an impact on your life. It could cover bills, credit cards, mortgage payments, car repairs, and many other necessary items. Of course, you could use it for fun things like a vacation, fancy clothes, an entertainment system, and much more.

Since I'm not eligible to win, I like to think of silly ways to spend it. That way I can put it in perspective for you. Here's my latest idea.

If you're traveling in and out of Rockford and you want to get somewhere at a reasonable amount of time. There's a good chance you're going to take the tollway. Nobody likes paying for tolls. Especially nowadays, because they are so expensive. IPASS camouflages it because you don't see the costs until the bill comes.

What if I could cover the driver's tolls? I think that could be nice. I would want to do it around our community. The priciest one would be located at I-90 and Rockton Road. A lot of people are leaving town and the state. I don't want to help them out. I'll take care of the people coming to our area. So, I'm going to set up at the entering Illinois side.

According to the Illinois Tollway website, without an IPASS the fee is $1.90. Now, it's time for that fancy math. For $10,000, I could pay for 5,263 (rounded down to the nearest dollar). Now, that's an interesting way to spend that kind of money.

How would you spend the money if you won?


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