After winning $10,000, rent out Hurricane Harbor in Rockford.

Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed going to water parks. Some of my favorite activities when I visit one are the lazy river, wave pool, and slides. Growing up, I tried to figure out ways to get my parents to take me. On one vacation, they actually dropped me off at one for the day while they did some adult things that I would not have enjoyed.

My love for water parks came in handy when I became a father. It is something my daughter and I like to do together. Once a summer, I grab the whole family and we will spend the time with some outdoor water fun.

Only one problem, I usually have to go during the weekend and they are always so crowded. I have been able to go on an off day and it was so much better. No waiting for anything. It is like having the whole place to yourself.

I remember driving by the former Magic Water, now Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford during a summer evening. The park was closed for the day but there were a few customers spending time riding the attractions. I wondered how they got the VIP treatment. Apparently, large businesses would rent it out for their employees for their company summer picnic.

That immediately ended up on my bucket list. If I ever came into a huge sum of extra money, I would reserve the whole Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford for the day, so my friends and family could have the place all to ourselves.

I think that is a great reason to play along with The Ultimate Stimulus Check with 96.7 The Eagle. The grand prize is $10,000. For details on how to win, HERE.

Imagine Hurricane Harbor with just you and whoever you decide to invite. No wait for waterslides, no worries about getting a raft for the lazy river, and no running into other surfers in the wave pool. That would be so great.

I would also include all the food, beverages, and treats. Everyone gets souvenirs. I could hire a band and DJ for entertainment. It would be an amazing day.

More info about Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford, HERE.

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