With $10,000, how many orders of cheese fries from Beef A Roo can you order?

In this strange year of 2020, I think we could all use some extra cash. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for another stimulus check from the government. At this point, it seems highly unlikely. You have a better chance of winning $10,000 on 96.7 The Eagle.

Wait, what? I've seen people on Social Media call more stimulus money "fake news," but scoring cash on the radio is real. It's called the Ultimate Stimulus Check. Ten times a day, we'll give you a different code word for the chance to win. When you hear one, go to the Eagle app and enter it at the "Win Cash" icon.

For more details, HERE.

Okay, now for the good part. Dreaming about how I'm going to spend those winning dollars. Of course, I could be sensible and use it for necessities like bills. What fun is that? I much rather spend it on something outrageous. Okay, I will be reasonable and use it in Rockford to help out the local economy.

Here's one unique idea. I'm going to hang out at a Beef A Roo drive-thru. For every one that stops by while I'm there. I'll buy them a large cheese fries. How many orders can I purchase?

Oh no, that means it's time for some math. Not, one of my stronger subjects, but I'll try my best.

According to their menu on beefaroo.com, a large cheddar fry costs $3.39. To make it a little bit easier, I'm going to round up to $4. That will cover the taxes too. With that equation, my final bill will cover 2,500 orders. Think about how exciting that would be.

What would you spend your winnings on? Don't forget, if you don't try. You'll never know.

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