Not all coffee drinkers have their noses buried in a device screen while they're enjoying a tasty beverage.

Stereotyping Coffee Drinkers In Illinois

When I think of a coffee shop and its customers in Illinois, I have a picture in mind. A bunch of people sitting around, drinking overpriced beverages, not talking to anyone else, and their eyes plastered onto a phone or computer screen. It's supposed to be a social place but it's far from it.

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New Coffee Shop Experience Brings More Than Beverages To Its Customers

For most customers of coffee shops, the most important extra amenity that the business can offer them is free WiFi. Well, a new joint in Illinois is bringing a lot more to the table for its patrons. They've got a special theme that will bring even more business and entertainment into the facility.

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Horror-Themed Coffee Shop In Illinois

The owners of Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles in Chicago decided to expand their business. They combined two more of their passions, coffee and horror movies, and created The Brewed Coffee. It's a horror-themed coffee shop in the Avondale neighborhood in Chicago.




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What Is The Brewed Coffee Experience Like?

According to Chicago Reader,

The coffee shop is filled with a collection of tchotchkes that create a homey and campy vibe, as if Pee-wee Herman had outfitted his Playhouse with memorabilia ordered from Fangoria.


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Besides the coffee and horror movie decor, they also serve some munchies and host horror movie nights and events. It's a must-visit place for any fans of the genre. If you would like some more info, HERE.

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