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Are you one of those that still has all the Christmas stuff up? Not to worry if you don't know what to do with that real tree....you can just eat it!

Sure the whole recycle thing is probably your best bet, oh and do NOT just burn the thing...unless it's in a pan with some seasoning.

According to author Julia Geogallis why just toss your Christmas tree, when you can serve it for dinner? The book "How to Eat Your Christmas Tree" is now available on Amazon. This sounds like a hidden camera show, or something some "Youtuber" came up with.

So you're not going to cut into the trunk and serve it with sweet potatoes and canned corn, it's all about the Christmas tree needles. According to the Amazon info, Julie (from London) and her tree eating is so popular, she actually launched a "supper club series" based around it.

So what about the taste of these tree needles? Fir, which is a popular tree choice, is quite "zesty." You also have the traditional pine, which is bit more "floral." a little bit more delicate." Finally there's Spruce which is described as a vanilla flavor. No word on is the tinsel adds anything to the tree flavor. I think I've had a craft beer with a hint on Christmas Tree before.


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