Not far from Rockford, check out some frozen waterfalls.

Even though, we finally put 2020 behind us. It will take some time before things will get back to normal. I think we can hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, we will have to continue to try new activities to keep ourselves busy. As the weather changes into winter, we will once again have to adjust our entertainment options.

Outside continues to be the best bet. Of course, there are things like skating, sledding, skiing, and other winter sports. Maybe, those types of physical events are not for you. Do not worry, there are alternatives.

Have you noticed how pretty it has been around Rockford the past couple of days? All of the trees are white and frozen with snow and ice. It is like out of a professionally taken photo from some exotic location.

That is in the city. Imagine going to a state park, forest, or out in the country. I bet it would be even more beautiful. Luckily, we have plenty of those types of places near us.

In the summer months, I enjoy taking hikes. One of my favorite things to explore are waterfalls. They are so soothing. All the stress just goes away. Again, there are locations close by to see them up close and personal.

Now, think about putting those elements altogether. Hiking in a state park to see some frozen waterfalls. That would be breathtaking. Guess what, there is a place you can do just that. Plus, it is a short drive from Rockford.

According to,

"The bluffs and canyons have long been a draw to Starved Rock State Park. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike along 13 miles of trails that are open year-round allowing them to experience the changes in landscape throughout the year. Winter hikes can lead to otherworldly discoveries like waterfalls suspended in ice, and you will find many of these waterfalls, ranging in height from 15 to 80 feet, in different canyons around the park."

For more information, HERE.

If you go, make sure to take lots of pictures. Then please share them with us.

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