A boy in Illinois calls his mom's bluff by getting a permit approved to build a fort.

When I was a kid, my friends and I enjoyed making forts in my parent's basement. Of course, we used blankets, pillows, and furniture. It was not a permanent structure. One of my buddies had a huge closet in his room that he shared with two of his older brothers. When they went away to college, we made that into a fort. Unfortunately, when they got back from school, it was torn down.

I always wanted an official one outside. Ultimately, a treehouse would have been the coolest. We did not have a tree in our yard big enough to support one. To be honest, my parents were never going to allow a clubhouse. Now, that I think about it. None of my friends had one either. I only saw them on television shows and movies.

A boy and his group of friends in Mokena, Illinois had the same dream. COVID has forced them to be limited to playing outside. The young man has asthma. We are getting into the winter months and he has trouble in cold weather. They thought if they had a fort in the yard, that would make it easier for him to be in the elements. Plus, it would just be fun for the kids.

The boy's mom thought it was a bit much for the crew, She came up with an idea to try and put a stop to it. The mother said they could not do it without a building permit from the city. That did not stop them.

According to chicago.cbslocal.com,

"So the boys took measurements of an area in the backyard rather than the front yard – which mom might prefer – and dropped them off at the mayor’s house around the corner. A couple of weeks later, the mayor called and said he wanted to meet them at the Mokena Village Hall."

Guess what, the fort was approved. Plus, they were not charged for the permit. Considering the bad reputation government in Illinois has it is a feel-good situation. I was so happy to hear that because I thought the city would try to get a bunch of cash out of the children.

The mom was shocked and proud at the same time. She does not have to worry about the future construction project. The boys do not have the money to purchase materials and the actual skills to build a fort.

Maybe someone will step up and help them out.

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