It's not everyday, actually not EVER that you come across something like this. I'd like to introduce you to "Sal The Porcupine."

From the YouTube video, there's only this short description:

"It is a prehensile-tailed porcupine named Sal eating his favorite food, banana." - ViralHog


So many questions here people...

How do you feed Sal without getting "stuck?"

What if Sal gets banana all over himself, do you throw him in the tub?

Could you put Sal on your lap to feed him?

Wait, can you have a pet Porcupine? 

How many other foods did you try before bananas was the go to?

Again, can have a pet porcupine?

I found this great page with info on this..."Can I Keep it" is the name of this article, that's pretty funny by itself. So let's get technical for a minute:

Encounter young wildlife they'd like to keep as pets. It's an ages-old temptation. The trouble is, nearly all wildlife in Illinois is pro- tected under the Wildlife Code (Section 2.2) and cannot be held in captivity without authorization from the appro- priate agencies.  -  ILGOV

O.K. so the racoons and squirrels can't be kept as pets. But there's a twist to this...

As a general rule, reptiles and amphibians—classified as aquatic life—may be kept as pets only if they were collected on private property. - ILGOV

The pet porcupine thing requires permission, it's not recommended. Also, would this porcupine be "healthy," probably not:

Additionally, some wildlife host diseases transmissible to humans, making such “pets” risky companions. - ILGOV

OK, so finally after all that stuff...Here is Springfield, Illinois resident "Sal" eating a banana. Enjoy!



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