Daylight Saving Time, one last blast of snow, looks like a Midwest Spring is right around the corner. LOL! People not from Illinois reading this have to be freaking out.

Believe it or not, spring is coming. Yes, we just received MORE SNOW...but spring will be here soon. So what should we be ready for? More daylight, (eventually) warmer temps, AND BUGS!

With the warmer weather you get some unwanted visitors for sure. Wanna grill out, they're there. Wanna take a shower, look who's in the tub. It's crazy that the beauty of a sun high in the sky and a wearing shorts outside also means these gross things will be out in full force. FamilyHandyMan

So here are: 5 Gross Bugs Coming in Spring to an Illinois House Near You

Millipedes - Gross, spotted, curl up in a ball to be even more gross.


Cricket - It jumps, it could jump on you our into your fruit salad. The good news is you can dip them in chocolate and eat them...or not.


Beetles - They "could" leave a little pinch mark on you, they could could be annoying.


Centipedes - Look down at the bath tub drain, what in the world is that? Just a creepy centipede that made it's way up to say hello.


Mosquitoes - These damn things, ugh. At least we know its spring/summer, right? No snow? They like to eat you. They like to suck your blood. Gross, man.

Why There Are So Many Mosquitoes Eating You Alive Right Now


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