This one is historic, this one is a laugher, this one ranked up there as on of the DUMBEST criminals in Illinois...ever. PJSTAR

"I've seen some bizarre and dumb actions on the part of suspects, but this ranks up there as one of the finest examples of a dumb suspect I've encountered," Police Chief Ed Papis

The year was 2009, and things were a lot different back then. TikTok wasn't invented yet and people seriously believed that Limp Bizkit was a great rock band. Enter Mr. Billy Robinson of East Peoria, Illinois. He was a small time criminal with a big ass growth thing on his ear...We will get to that in a minute.


Bill was inside of a woman's car...trying to hotwire it to get out there. The woman approached him and said what are you doing?

"Trying to start the car." - Billy Robinson 

The woman told Billy well it's my car, and the cops are coming. Billy ended up running toward an expressway, leaping a fence and taking off. Cops had a description, what he was wearing, and one key thing...He had a GIANT GROWTH hanging from his left ear.


Bill walks into the local police station. Yes, the guy trying to steal the woman's car went TO THE COPS. Why? He was in the lobby asking people for money, he needed money for a bus ticket to Bloomington. Billy thought he had this all figured out though, he changed his clothes. There's NO WAY he was getting busted with a different outfit on.


The police chief happened to look into the lobby and noticed this guy with a GIANT GROWTH hanging from his left ear...It can't is. So the chief invited him into his office. Complete with a suitcase, with the old outfit he was wearing when he tried to steal the car!

 "I went out to the lobby, recognized that this individual was possibly our suspect and invited him into my office, in his bags was the wet jersey, wet tennis shoes, the blue jeans, gloves, two screwdrivers, one needle-nose pliers and pen light." Police Chief Ed Papis

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