The city of Aurora, Illinois is serious about food and they're proving it but taking its Taco Tuesday to the next level.

What Is The Worst Day Of The Week In Illinois?

When rating the days of the week in Illinois, I have some opinions. Here were my rankings for a long time.

#1 Saturday - Of course!

#2 Friday - Kicking off the weekend.

#3 Sunday - Bumped down to 3 because having to work the next day

#4 Thursday - Friday eve.

#5 Wednesday - Halfway there.

#6 Monday - You know what it is.

#7 Tuesday - It's a nothing day.

Best Taco Tuesday In Illinois

Changing Of The Days Of The Week Rankings

I've recently learned to appreciate one of the days a lot more. That's because of the food theme. I'm talking about Taco Tuesday. It's one of my favorite foods and if there's a day to celebrate, then I'm all in. Here's my updated ranking for the days of the week.

The top 3 stay the same...

#1 Saturday

# 2 Friday

#3 Sunday

There's now a new fourth-place day...

#4 Tuesday - Because of Taco Tuesday

The rest of the days get pushed down a spot...

#5 Thursday

#6 Wednesday

#7 Monday

Now, the worst day of the week is Monday. I don't think many will disagree.

According to,

Aurora, Illinois Is Taking Taco Tuesday To The Next Level

Over the last several years, Taco Tuesday has become a thing in Illinois. Originally, it was just a bar promotion to get customers to come in during the early part of the week. Now, you can find it everywhere. Most people have their favorite spot to hit. For me personally here in Rockford, it's C.J.'s downtown.

On May 16th, I'm going to have to road trip to Aurora for Taco Tuesday. They are hosting a Taco Crawl. Are you kidding me? Multiple places to check out in one day. I'm in. Plus, it benefits a local food pantry. Now, that's taking your Taco Tuesday to the next level. For more info, HERE.

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