If you're getting ready to take a road trip on the Illinois Tollway, here are the times you should avoid driving on it.

One thing I remember about taking family vacations as a kid, we always had to leave super early in the morning.

My Dad wanted to avoid getting caught in Chicago traffic, so we would wake up at 4am.

On the way back home, he would plan our arrival late at night. Again, to miss all the congestion.

Without having to drive at crazy hours like that, what are the times to avoid traveling on the tollway?

Well, thanks to Social Media the Illinois Tollway has given a suggestion through their Twitter feed.

Looks like between 3pm-7pm is the time to stay away.

I guess my Dad wasn't crazy for hitting the road during off hours. The less time in the car the better.

I hope that info helps you on your next road trip.


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