A woman in Indiana was arrested for getting shipments of marijuana from her son through the post office.

It's always good to see that Illinois isn't that only place with "Dumb Crime."

Our neighbors to the east, Indiana, recently had a case themselves.

Apparently, a woman nicknamed "Grandma Stinker" was arrested for receiving shipments of marijuana in the mail from her son.

First of all, you have to love her alias. She must deal with the "Skunk Weed."

According to fox19.com,

"A woman was arrested on several drug charges. The investigation began when police received a call that she was receiving mail shipments of marijuana on a regular basis from her son. A package containing 720 grams of marijuana addressed to "Grandma Stinker" was found at her home."

It doesn't sound like they thought out their family business very well.

I've never heard the statement, "The family that deals together, stays together."

Maybe, they can do their prison sentences in the same place, so they can spend time together.


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