IceHogs goaltender, Jeff Glass, talks about coming back to Rockford after playing for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Even though the Chicago Blackhawks are having a down year, there is still something special that happened this season. It's the Jeff Glass story.

Jeff has been the media darling for the Hawks this season.

It's all about not giving up.

Glass is a 32-year-old rookie goalie who finally got the chance to achieve his dream by starting a hockey game in the NHL.

After spending seven years playing in Russia, he made his way back to North America last season. He started in Toronto but was traded to Rockford. He resigned with the IceHogs for this season.

When Corey Crawford went down with an injury, he got the call. He was going to Chicago. Then on December 29th everything he worked for finally paid off. He got the victory in his NHL starting debut.

It gives me chills thinking about it.

Now, he's back in Rockford back playing for the IceHogs.

I had a chance to talk to him about the whole experience.

Video: Goalie Jeff Glass returns to Rockford IceHogs from Chicago Blackhawks

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Jeff Glass.

Hopefully, he'll get another chance soon.


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