It's that time of year when you realize... wait we gotta get out of the house! What about an Icehogs game? With a hot dog deal?

While February is going by a lot faster than January did, it's still cold, windy, icy and snowy outside which means we are still spending a ton of time inside.

But are you tired of spending that time in your actual home?

I know I am.

Which leads me to look for things to do outside my home and one of those things here in Rockford is a Rockford Icehogs game.

Of course going to the game is fun on its own but what game isn't enhanced by food?

And when kids are involved, you know they want a hot dog and chips, too!

The Rockford Icehogs recently announced on their social media pages that during four upcoming Sunday games, there is a food add-on option you can choose to purchase for you and your friends and family.

The add-on voucher i s five bucks and is valid to use this coming Sunday, February 20, as well as March 20, April 10 and April 24.

The code is pretty darn easy to remember, it's SUNDAY. Can you remember that? I think so.

By using the code you'll get a voucher for a hot dog or brat, a bag of chips and a pop.

I know it says soda in their caption but I can' bring myself to call pop, soda.... I just can't.

Photos From Rockford IceHogs Last Home Game For 2021 Season

Photo From Rockford IceHogs Last Home Game For 2021 Season

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