At every sporting event you are almost guaranteed to hear at least one spectator yelling at the official on the field, court, ice, or whatever surface teams are playing on.

In some instances, you might even see a flag or shirt/sweatshirt like this in the crowd.

humanbean-42 via eBay
humanbean-42 via eBay

As an avid sports fan who has been to a bunch of professional sporting events, I've definitely thrown shade at the officials. In my head, it is almost as if they're dictating the game for a team I'm playing on. In reality, I'm just a dude sitting in the stands filling my face with food and beer.

Detroit Red Wings v Philadelphia Flyers
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After scrolling through several TikTok's of mic'd up NHL officials and players, it definitely gave me an insight into how the games play out in front of them versus the fans in the stands.

Referees aren't always going to make the right call every time, it happens. From the view of the fans it may look like the officials are blind but then again, after watching the helmet camera on a mic'd up referee, it's clear there is a lot going on.

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Check out the view from this camera mounted to an AHL referee's helmet as also fitted with a microphone.

This Referee POV Will Make You Stop Chanting "Ref, You Suck" at Sporting Events

Sports fans give referees a lot of grief, maybe these helmet-camera photos will prove we should cut them some slack.

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