Here are some pictures from the Rockford IceHogs during their last home game for the 2021 season.

Last Season

The IceHogs season was cruising right along into the early spring when it was put on hold when everything went on lockdown. There was hope it would return in the summer but it never happened and the rest of the season was canceled.

This Season

There was a lot of uncertainty about this latest season. Of course, everyone was hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

2020 ended without any additional hockey being played at the BMO Harris Bank Center.

Finally, the team was set to start in February of 2021. There would be many restrictions including no fans allowed in attendance.

The season was a short one only playing a handful of division rivals during a couple of games a week. It was more like a college schedule.

Welcome Back

With things starting to open up, the Rockford IceHogs invited a limited amount of fans into the building to cheer on their team for the last three home games of the year.

A couple of hundred fans were lucky enough to enjoy a game in person. I was able to pick up a couple of tickets, so I checked out the last home game of the season against Chicago.

I took some pictures during the game so you can get a feel for what it was like.

Photos From Rockford IceHogs Last Home Game For 2021 Season

Photo From Rockford IceHogs Last Home Game For 2021 Season

What Was It Like

It was a bit strange. I have been at the BMO Harris Bank Center on a school day game when the students have to leave before it is over.

The place clears out and the game has an empty feel. It kind of felt like the same thing. Except all the concessions were close, like at the end of a game. You could only go between sections 201 and 210.

The Fans Loved It

For that small group of fans, they were really loud. They were definitely excited to be there. You could tell they missed.

Just wait until next season when it is back to full capacity. The BMO is going to be rocking.

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