Two bands enter District on February 23rd...

old boxing gloves nailed to the textured wall

The "T-Party" presented by Generations Dental is going down on February 23rd, at District Bar & Grill. We are celebrating Double T's first full year with 96.7 The Eagle. T-shirts, The Fireball Girls, prizes, and two local heavyweights battling it out for rock and roll supremacy.

In one corner you have Sunset Strip:

  • 80's cover band
  • They look great
  • They play Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard, Skid Row
  • They know how to party

In the other corner, Doveload:

  • Bon Scott era AC/DC cover band
  • Steph is the singer
  • They are getting back together just for the T-Party
  • They know how to party

As you can tell by the "tale of the tape" both bands measure up pretty equally. The true test is when they hit the stage Friday night, February 23rd...ring the bell!



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