Sunset Strip loves the 80's and weather so much that they sing about the weather 80's style.

Everybody wants to know the weather. The only thing, the forecasts are so boring. I wanted to find a fun way to do them. I had this idea a few years ago. I wanted to have local musicians sing it in their style of music. The only problem, what band would have the right sense of humor to do it. I asked a couple of different ones but got shot down.

Then, I finally found a group interested in giving it a try. At my first anniversary party, I was talking with Scotty Von Blazin, the lead singer of Sunset Strip. I told him my idea and he loved it so he recruited guitar player, Fret Michaels, and came up with the first round of "Hairband Weather" segments. They were a big hit. Recently, Jill Jett joined for another set of weather-related rockers.

Fans of the band that don't live in town ask about the forecast songs because they never get a chance to hear them. I decided to post them up on our YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy "Hairband Weather with Sunset Strip."

Video: Hairband Weather With Sunset Strip

For more info about Sunset Strip, HERE.

Video: A Message from Sunset Strip



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