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There are plenty of unique Cheap Trick tattoos around the city and around the world. Is there ANOTHER Rockford band that you would get ink'd on your body? How about a 420 or a LOC, or a RIPT tattoo...wait I've seen one of those!

One local Rockford band will forever be attached to Jay Brown. If you have ever gone to see Sunset Strip, as soon as they dive into Van Halen's "Jump," Jay does just that. To say that he is a die hard fan of the local cover band, would be putting it lightly.

Our good buddy Jay is officially a Sunset Strip fan for LIFE!! - Sunset Strip Facebook Page

Jay Brown took his support of Sunset Strip, "skin deep" with this new ink, from Rockford's "Delicious Ink." He's a little bit better than he used to be...get it?