It's almost "T-Party" time, so what should you get Double T for his first anniversary with 96.7 The Eagle?

Photo - Jennifer Clutter
Photo - Jennifer Clutter

February 23rd, we are throwing a party that is one year in the making. Double T is celebrating his first of many years with 96.7 The Eagle.

District Bar & Grill is the location for this awesome celebration and we have so much planned! Doveload will start the evening with an amazing set of "Bon Scott" era AC/DC covers. By the way, our very own Steph from The Eagle is the lead singer of Doveload!

Sunset Strip will headline the evening, and of course, tear the house down. But the big question is, what kind of gift should you get Double T? Now your presence at this huge party is more than enough, but what if you wanted to get him something special?

  • Time capsule - Maybe his old glasses and taco wrapper?
  • Mix tape - Ozzy, The Doors, Journey, Steph singing in the shower.
  • Personalized M&M'S - I think this is a great idea, I'll take some too.
  • Love notes - If you write Double T a love note and bring it on 2/23 I will read it on stage
  • Customized map - No clue, I just think this is funny

Show up, rock out, and again if you bring a love note I will read it on stage.



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