In a Rockford neighborhood, a giant mythical creature was spotted.

Mythical Creatures

The belief in mythical creatures has been around for centuries. The stories are passed from generation to generation. Some are little known but others are basically celebrities. Beasts like Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster.

I believe mythical creatures could look menacing on the outside but in a way, they are lovable. People are not afraid of them, they are fans.

Spotted In Rockford

It was a beautiful spring afternoon, so I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood. Many times, while I am out I run into strange and unusual things. Lately, I have seen quite a few.

Here are some of them.

Those are just a couple of examples. Check out the latest.

What I Witnessed

I passed by something that caught my eye. It seemed to be some sort of mythical yard creature. Take a look for yourself.

Photo of Mythical Yard Creature
Photo of Mythical Yard Creature
Photo of Mythical Yard Creature

The unusual beast is located on Ohio Parkway in the Rolling Green Neighborhood in Rockford.

Do you have any ideas of what it might be?


My first thought was they left up their Halloween decorations. Even though, there is a ghost in the background of one of the pictures I do not think that is the case because there also appears to be a Christmas wreath hanging up on the house.

Curiously, there is a small version of the mythical yard creature in the window. I do not know if they are related.

My belief is that it is there for protection and to keep their castle safe from enemies.

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