In Wisconsin, a roadside attraction of a giant tin man has been unveiled.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of roadside attractions. I have started a mental list of the ones I want to go visit. Of course, that means taking a selfie for my collection. If I am anywhere near any of them, a special stop will definitely be made.

Check out this latest one I found out about in Wisconsin.

From TMJ4 Facebook page...

Check that out. Is it not awesome.

According to,

"In rural Walworth County, a small team created a homemade, 40,000-pound statue that includes an extra-large Ronald McDonald's Officer Big Mac head."

"That statue stands tall in Robert Stewart's home near Lake Geneva. In fact, it can be seen from about a mile away."

"It took him and his friend Shane Pope two years to make it."

Here are some details on this amazing roadside attraction...

  • Named "The Tin Man." I can see the resemblance to the "Wizard of Oz" character.
  • Created out of scrap metal.
  • The body is made from a Pabst Brewing tank.
  • The head is from an old McDonald's Playland toy that kids could climb in. The character is Officer Big Mac. I remember playing on a similar one when I was a kid.
  • To go with the police theme, the statue wears a badge.
  • The figure was built while laying flat on the ground.
  • It was welded together.
  • Took two years to build.
  • Located near Lake Geneva.
  • 90-ton crane used to lift 20-ton sculpture.
  • Concrete slab and anchor used to hold it in place.
  • The cost was $10,000.
  • Robin on the shoulders.
  • Giant belt buckle.
  • A wagon.
  • "Despicable Me" Minions at its feet.

By the way, the owner still has plenty of leftover materials so there could be some additions made in the future.

I just might have to detour on my next trip to Milwaukee.

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