Rockford neighborhood treated to mini-parade featuring the Easter Bunny.

When I was a child I got really excited about holidays. I give a lot of credit to my parents because growing up they always kept me busy and active by taking me to special events.

When I got older, I really did not enjoy them anymore. It was all about going to see people and places you only went once a year for that holiday. I much rather have been hanging out at home or with friends.

Then I had my own family and a daughter, The holidays became fun again. I could help decided what we did and did not want to do or go. That really made me happy.

As a kid, Easter was a pretty big deal. My parents took me to "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny." I also got my picture with him at the mall every year. There would be Easter Egg Hunts and parties. Of course, the bunny would make a stop at our house to leave me a special basket.

I tried to do fun and exciting things with my daughter too. I remember one year we took her to an Easter Egg Hunt in Rockton. She was pretty young so we arrived a couple of minutes before the start time. When we showed up, there were no eggs or candy left. Apparently, there were so many people at the event already the organizers decided to start early. The whole thing was over in about two minutes. We never had a chance. Luckily, she was not disappointed because we did our own earlier in the day.

Let's be honest, over the past year or so, the holidays have sucked. Many annual events, activities, and traditions have been canceled. I have felt really bad for the kids missing out. I think most parents have done a great job coming up with alternate plans for the children.

I remember last year for Easter, everything was canceled. No public or family gatherings. We watched "Tiger King" and ordered curbside. This year is a little bit better but many things were still missing.

Today was a nice spring day, so I decided to take a walk in my neighborhood. I noticed the flashing lights of a police car and firetruck. I immediately wondered what was going on. They were not parking but driving very slowly. Then I saw a few other cars following them. There were people throwing things out of their cars.

Then I finally understood what I going on. I saw the Easter Bunny in the back of a convertible. They were tossing out candy to the neighborhood kids. It was a small Easter parade.

I do not know who put it on but I want to thank them. It really made my day. The children and families were so happy. It was nice to see those big smiles. I took a couple of pictures.

Easter Parade In Rockford Neighborhood

Did you have one of these in your neighborhood?

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