When you get a chocolate bunny on Easter, how do you eat it?

As a kid, waking up on Easter morning was always fun. It was jammed back with excitement until I had to get dressed up and go to church.

First, there was the Easter Egg hunt. Where did that tricky Easter Bunny hid all of them? I preferred the plastic eggs, because there was always a bonus treat inside of them. If you were really lucky, they contained money. Well more like pennies, but as a kid that was real money.

Then I had to check out my Easter Basket. Every year, I was guaranteed it would include a giant chocolate Easter Bunny. Of course, I had to wait to eat it because I had to run off to church and brunch with my family.

My Mom wouldn't let me have the whole thing in one sitting. I was usually allowed one bite. I would systematically pick my bites.

First bite was always the ears. Then head, tail, and foot. Leaving the body for last. It was months later before I actually finished the whole thing.

"A recent study published in The Laryngoscope journal found that the vast majority of bunny consumers (59 percent) start with the ears."

"The study utilized online research to determine the bunny-eating habits of over 28,000 people, and the ears-first method proved to be the norm."

"Yes, there are folks out there who flip their bunnies around and start with old rabbit's foot. But not many of them — only 4 percent start there."

"As for everyone else, they just enjoy chocolate that happens to be shaped like a bunny without even paying attention to the parts. Researchers found that 33 percent of people indicate no preference at all when going in for the all-important first bite."

How do you eat your chocolate Easter Bunny?

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