If you are ticklish, here's the job for you.

It's amazing what is passed off as work and things you can actually do to earn money.

I think this job listing has some potential.

There is only one requirement, you have to be ticklish.

I found it on Rockford Craigslist in "Talent" under "Gigs."

Here's the post...

Paid to Laugh!!!!

Looking for very ticklish women 18-40 to be tickled. This will be primarily foot tickling. There won't be anything sexual or inappropriate. No nudity. This is a modeling gig.

The only requirement is that you are extremely ticklish. The more ticklish you are the better! This is an easy, safe, and fun way to make a little extra cash. So if you are looking to supplement some income, need to take care of a bill that got away from you, or are just plain curious go ahead and email me.

Please include a photo of you and of the bottoms of your feet.

Before you completely dismiss it, ask for more details!

That doesn't seem creepy at it.

Please let me know if you respond to the ad. I would love to know more about the position.


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