Usually on Fridays we dive into the missed connections section on Rockford's Craigslist page... but today we're taking a different approach.

Because Jaxon sent me this specific missed connection story and wanted me to share it with you.

Delavan Walmart (Delavan)  1-22 around 6 pm you female(neck tattoos,blue jeans,was cashing a check by customer service,talked about different tattoos we have,just putting this out there,would like to talk more over a drink at Panera on me of course. BTW I think you're cute.If u see this & would like to talk/meet me. Delavan McDonalds during the week 10 - 2 not on Wednesdays or weekends.Just so I know it's you mention the tattoo on my right forearm & meaning of it. Come find me.


Are you the woman from Walmart? Clearly you made a HUGE impression!

Good luck with the love, Jaxon!

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