Getting ready for the big final season premiere on April 14th, the popular HBO show has released a series of whiskeys.

This line of single malt scotch whiskey pays homage to each of the Houses of Westeros and The Night's Watch.

Each bottle is adorned with their respective House's crest, while The Night's Watch comes in a black bottle.

Now this line isn't just a whiskey with a Game of Thrones label on it. Each House was paired with their specific distillery based on how their stories compared.


For example, The Night's Watch was matched with the Oban distillery because both are atop a steep cliff that overlooks a vast landscape. Where House Targaryen is paired with Carhu distillery because have strong female leadership.

The other house pairings are Dalwhinnie for House Stark, Lagavulin for House Lannister, Royal Lochnagar for House Baratheon, Talisker for House Greyjoy, The Singleton of Glendullan for House Tulley, and Clynelish for House Tyrell.

All 8 whiskeys are available through Drizly and have prices that range from $30 to $150.

Sorry White Walker fans, you'll have to settle for a Johnny Walker White Walker blend.

Whatever House is your favorite in Westeros, these whiskeys will ease the pain of waiting for George RR Martin to finally release The Winds of Winter.

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