The art of the hand-me-down is so important to parenthood as well as a right of passage, especially to the younger kids in a family. I was the oldest kid, so I didn't really wear hand-me-downs from an older sibling. My Toughskins jeans were brand new. They really matched my bowl-cut nicely.

As a father of two boys, my younger son has worn many items that his brother wore five or six years earlier. However, there are some things that he won't wear and I don't blame him. His tastes are different than his brother's and that's ok. Now comes a cool event for parents.

Swapadventure's Swapping Event is taking place this Friday (10/10) from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. at Monkey Joe's on E. State Street.

  • An RSVP is required. They want to make sure they can plan according to the size of the event.
  • In order for people to be a part of the event they have to bring a shopping bag size of items they no longer need
  • Swap children's clothes, books, toys, shoes and more.
  • Leftover items after the event is donated directly to the children and people in need. No reselling.
  • There is a five dollar charge per child to Monkey Joe's. The swapping event is free.

Listen to 96.7 The Eagle at 3:45 p.m. on Friday when I will be speaking with a couple of reps from SwapAdventure about the event. It sounds like a great way for stateline parent's to save money and help each other out.

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