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Did you know that some of your favorite classic rock bands got their name from some classic works of literature?

Some of the bands on this list I already knew that was how or where they had gotten their name from, others I didn't. But there are still some bands I'm still dying to know how they got their name, I'm looking at you Golden Earring.

The classic rock bands that made the full list all came in within the top 11. In fact, the top spot is held by a classic rock band.

So who made the cut of The Best Bands Named After a Book or Literary Character:

  • The Doors - Of course my favorite band comes in at number one on the list! They got their name from the Aldous Huxley The Doors of Perception.
  • Steely Dan- They're right behind The Doors at number 2. Their name is from the book Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs.
  • Genesis - Taking their name from The Bible, they're ranked at number 3.
  • Steppenwolf - Coming in at number 5 overall, they took their name from a book of the same title written by Hermann Hesse.
  • Supertramp - Taking the number 7 spot on the overall list, their name comes directly from the title of the Henry Davies book The Autobiography of a Super Tramp.
  • Uriah Heep - Ranked ninth overall, they got their name from the Charles Dickens classic David Copperfield.
  • The Velvet Underground - I always thought they got their name from Andy Warhol, but it turns out number 10 on the list got the name from a book of the same title by Michael Leigh.
  • Thin Lizzy - They may be last on this list but our of 65 bands, they're 11. The Beano is responsible for this band name.


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