Now that it is officially fall, the first fall holiday we can celebrate is Halloween. The holiday where kids know which neighbor has the best candy.

I remember when I would Trick-or-Treat and the neighbor at the end of the block used to give us quarters. I can't eat a quarter! Yet, in my age now, I would appreciate that quarter much more. The neighbor four houses down used to give out king-size Kit-Kat bars. Now that's how you give out candy!

Every kid knows where the best candy is. With grocery stores starting to fill the shelves with candy, make sure you don't get these nasty ones. A blogger Christine who writes for Chicago Now has put together a list of the "Top 8 Most Disgusting Halloween Candy Treats Your Shouldn't Buy in 2014." Trust me when I say, kids will probably egg your house if you give them these.

Make it be knows, that not all of these candies come with negative reviews. Maybe that is because it is adults eating the candy, not kids?

1. Brach's Candy Corn Gummies

 Classic candy corn shape and flavor…but in a chewy, rubbery form. I shudder to think about what edible chemicals came together to make this.  - TheJunkFoodGuy

2. Candy Corn Hershey Bars

When I opened up this tiny Hershey’s Candy Corn Chocolate bar, the smell of candy corn was QUITE PUNGENT. Of course, it was so strong that eventually I wasn’t sure if I was smelling candy corn, white chocolate, or just general confection. But the Junk Food Gal came walking into the room as I was photographing and exclaimed, “WHOA, WTH is that.” So yeah – pungent. - TheJunkFoodGuy

3. Cadbury Screme Eggs

4. Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses

There is not even any chocolate in these, just sadness and broken dreams. -RG Amazon Review

5. Starburst Candy Corn

These things are like taking a sledgehammer to your head. If the makers at Starburst had a goal, I think it might have been to blow these off the entire glycemic index! - KatyKatIL Amazon Review

6. Candy Apple Milky Way Bars

7. Candy Corn Flavored M&M's

Will you like these? If you like candy corn, I’m gonna say yes.  Me? Being not a huge fan of candy corn, I certainly liked these BETTER than candy corn…and given the option between these and actual candy corn, I’ll go with these any day. - TheJunkFoodGuy

8. Halloween Oreos


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