When it comes to clothes, should people that live in Rockford wear the same outfit every day?

I know it sounds like a strange concept. Almost like something out of a science fiction movie. I'm not talking about waking up each morning and putting on the same style satin jumpsuit with moon boots. You would get to pick your own style

For example, I had a roommate at Illinois State that basically wore the same outfit every day. It was a white crew neck t-shirt, jeans, and Converse All-Stars. In the summer, he would wear cut off jean shorts. In the winter, he would add a gray hoodie.

You would basically pick one style shirt and buy several of those same shirts. Same with pants, sock, shoes, and the rest of your wardrobe. It would be so easy. Each morning you just grab the next set of clothes on the pile.

Not everybody would have to wear the same exact outfit, so it didn't look like we were all in a cult. I think it might be boring at first, but once you got used to it you would be fine.

Would this be good for people living in Rockford?

According to lifehack.org,

"Highly successful people wear the same thing every day. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Albert Einstein all have their own signature style that they wear every day."

These people really could be on to something.

How much time and money do you waste on what to wear?

Now completely remove that from the equation.

Your mind is free to concentrate are other more important things.

That's the kind of advantage the citizens of Rockford could use to help them advance in life.

What do you think? Would it help our city and people? Could you do it? If so, what would your outfit be?

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