Oh the things you hear at work.

Caucasian young man dressed like nerd smiling with eyes closed.


Please allow me to quote Tina Fox:

Now that I'm working in an office 5 days a week. I feel like I should start dressing more like an adult


Yes we are in an office setting, sort of. We find ourselves in our own little studio/dorm room setting. Occasionally you do have to go to a meeting, join other people in a business setting. But as an important person in this building once told me, "you work in radio, dress how you want".

So what is not o.k. to wear to work? I know different jobs require different looks, but according to BUZZFEED here are 10 Things not to Wear to Work:

  • Too-tight clothing
  • Revealing or too-short clothing
  • Flip-flops
  • Socks with sandals
  • Sweatpants
  • Sheer fabrics
  • Sunglasses indoors
  • Wrinkled or stained clothing
  • Poolside/beach attire
  • Crop tops and tank tops

Currently Tina Fox and myself are both wearing hoodies, no sweatpants just the sweatshirts.

I know that a lot of local schools have dress codes that have caused quite the stink. But look at it this way kids, when you get into the real world there are jobs where you can dress like everyday is Saturday.

If I have to go to a meeting I will wear my good hoodie, I promise.




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