If you work from home, what's you dress code while you're on the clock.

The dress code in the work place has definitely changed through the years. Growing up, I remember my Dad wore a suit everyday to work. That's how it was if you worked in an office. One of the perks of working in radio is that there's no dress code. Nowadays, the office environment dress code has loosened up. Many of my friends wear golf shirts and khaki pants.

What about if you work from home? I do know people that work out of their house everyday. They do get up and shower. Most of them dress down. There's a lot of people experiencing the work from home thing for the first time. That might cause some confusion.

Personally, I don't think it matters what you wear as long as you get the work done.

According kenoshanews.com,

"For some work-from-homers, comfort-first attire is a source of shame, a symptom of broken routines and under-motivation. For others, it's ultimate liberation. It's all about mental preparation. If this helps somebody to mentally prepare and to go through that habit (of getting dressed), and that's the habit and the structure they've created for themselves, don't change that. But that just depends on the individual. If you pay attention to staying disciplined, showering as soon as you get up, eating a good breakfast, putting on clothes that make you feel good, you're going to have a good day. You're going to pay more attention to the work that you're doing, and you're going to feel like a functioning member of society."

What's your dress code when working from home?

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