If you work from home I can't blame you for taking a nap.

Let's be honest, if you had a bed in your office you'd probably sleep at work too.

A new survey from Zippia shows a surprising number of people from Illinois have taken a nap while working from home.

Illinois ranked 19th in the United States with 37% of 2,000 people surveyed saying, yes, they take naps on days they work from home.

These past few months mean plenty of Illinois workers were sleeping on the job.

It’s suggested that you work for 52 minutes and then take a 17-minute break in order to be most productive. So why not have your 17 minutes be a power nap?

Just make sure you set an alarm or that 17 minutes will be a few hours and 17 minutes.

In case you're wondering, North Dakota and Alaska both took the top spot with 67% of surveyed folks saying they are taking naps while working from home.

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