Another dark and dreary day in Rockford, I kinda want to go take a nap.

Pixland, ThinkStock
Pixland, ThinkStock


I get to work, sit down at my desk, and start thinking about taking a nap. A big shout out to Mother Nature for supplying us with this amazing weather.

People make fun of my "mood light" in my office, what in the world is that? It's not so silly when it's cloudy and dark all day now is it?

Nothing beats a good nap though, the "power nap" as I call it can change everything. I have mastered the art of knocking out for 15-20 minutes, and being refreshed for the entire day. I'm not saying I do that here, I'm just saying that it's an art.

So if you were going to take a 15-20 minute power nap in Rockford, where would you do it at? It's cloudy, cold, the weather is nap weather, where can this be done?

Here are the 5 Best Places to Take a nap in Rockford:

  • Oasis Micro Pub - Dark, super comfy, fire place, big squishy chairs.
  • Nicholas Conservatory - Waterfalls, goodnight.
  • Blanket Hog in Cherryvale Mall - They sell nothing but soft blankets.
  • Gustafson's - Floor models for days
  • Anywhere inside the Coronado - the seats inside the actual theater, and the couches in the lobby are insanely comfortable.



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