Who says you can't lay in bed all day and get paid for it?

Each morning is a struggle for me. I have the absolute worst time attempting to get out of bed. We've all dreamed it up in our heads, a job where we can lay in bed all day. Turns out that job actually existed at one point recently in hotels in Europe. There are plenty of jobs you may have never heard of, but they are reality!

1. Bed Warmer:

Holiday Inn in Europe tested out a new type of service in 2010. All you have to do is call the front desk, and they will send up people dressed in onsies to lay in your bed for 5 minutes to warm it up. They literally warm your bed so you can fall asleep faster.

2. People Pusher:

If you are really good in the mosh pit at your favorite concert, you should consider moving to Japan and China where you can become a professional people pusher. After all, who is going to get all of those people into the train?

3. Equine Massage Therapist:

If you are into rubbing horses down? Ugh...

4. Wrinkle Chaser:

You would have to really love shoes to have this job. Basically you stand around an iron shoes. As the job description says,  you must have a keen eye for detail and be level headed in moments of stress. I could see how this would make someone crazy.

5. Smell Creator:

With my allergies I could never have this job. I would be the biggest ball of snot ever. A Smell Creator basically smells stuff all day to make perfume. I met a smell creator once, he was a pretty nice guy, smelled good, but had a HUGE nose.