Yes, Illinois is the Land of Lincoln, but it's also the home of the largest vehicles on Earth. Peoria is home of Caterpillar, maker of all things that get the big jobs done. Have you ever seen one of those giant trucks roaming about a quarry? Probably a Caterpillar.

Kids of all ages love big trucks and machines and they tend to bring out the kid in adults too. The Caterpillar Visitor's Center is a very unique place. Where else can kids (and adults) take a virtual ride on one of those giant earth movers? You can also hop onto a simulator and see first-hand what it's like to operate equipment the way real-life operators do. These machines have helped build just about every big project on the planet including the Panama Canal, the Golden Gate Bridge and many dams.

Hey dads, why don't you give mom a break and take the kids to the Caterpillar Visitor's Center? Listen all weekend to win pairs of admissions and relive the awe and amazement you had as a child looking at these impressive machines.

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