A gas station in Oklahoma City is the first in the the U.S. to sell fuel for less than two bucks a gallon since July 30, 2010. Driving a thousand miles to pay $1.99 a gallon isn't going to save you any money, but you don't have to drive too far to get gas at a price you haven't paid in years.

This week I pulled into the Citgo on N. State St. in Belvidere and paid $2.78. That was a pleasant surprise, since it cost me less than forty-five bucks to fill up.

Here are some of the cheapest gas prices in the Rockford area according to gasbuddy.com:

  • Flying J Willow Brook Rd. and IL Rte. 75- 2.74
  • Woodman's/Rockford- $2.75
  • Circle K 3215 Auburn St. near Kilburn  $2.75
  • Mobil at E. State and Summit- $2.79
  • Phillips 66 at Rural St. and Prospect St.- $2.82
  • Citgo at N. Alpine and Highcrest- $2.83
  • Several stations have prices even cheaper if you pay with cash

Cheapest gas in northern Illinois?

  • Clark 1180 N. 7th St., Rochelle, IL  $2.39

Earlier this week, the average price for regular gas in the U.S. was $2.746 a gallon, according to bloomberg.com. The article also states that fifteen percent of the nation's gas stations are selling gas at under $2.50 a gallon. Looks like my regular weekend drives are going to be more affordable.

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