Has wine become your pandemic BFF?

Sure we all loved wine before, but I feel like after being stuck at home for so long, we all REALLY fell in love with wine. You finally had time to try those bottles you see at the store but never actually buy.

You should take your new-found love for wine and go live on a California winery, drink wine, and get paid. No, seriously!

A California winery will pay you $10,000 a month to live there and drink wine for a year. Murphy-Goode's is the company who is offering the position. The position might just have the most clever name ever - "A Really Goode Job"

I mean based off all the wine fun you'll have, I'd say it's a really good job!

Check out the video they put out to promote the position. (If you weren't convinced to apply before, you will be after watching this)

Do they know how many people would take this job for free? But that's the best part, the pay day is pretty sweet for this dream job. Murphy-Goode's "A Really Goode Job" pays $10,000 per month and covers full rent in the town of Healdsburg in Sonoma County.

So what's it take to get the gig? MSN details -

The main qualification for the job is a passion for all things wine. In the job listing [PDF], Murphy-Goode asks for someone who "answers 'yes, please' when someone asks you 'red or white'" and whose "preferred Swiss Army knife is a wine key."

Does that sound like you? Apply for the job here!


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