This last Saturday night I "participated" in Night at the North Pole.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Last year I was a snowman, this year I was honored to be the Christmas Tree. Taking one for the team as they say.

Tons of kids running around, having a "North Pole" good time. Games, food, magic, and 6'3'  tree with a bucket of candy. I was pretty popular.

This was my second Night at the North Pole, so I consider myself a "seasoned" veteran. Here are Four Things I Learned at Night at the North Pole:

  • Kids and Adults Love Magic - Once the magician hit the stage, the room got really quiet. "Ohhh and ahhh" from young to old.
  • A Tree Costume Leads to Issues - "Hey Christmas tree I'm gonna knock you down" as small children ran into me full speed, thanks dude.
  • Chocolate Solves Everything - Kids arguing and getting grumpy? There is a big tree that has a bucket of chocolates, problems solved.
  • You're Never too old to sit on Santa's lap - I walked over to Santa for a picture, still in tree costume mind you and asked for a photo, he insisted I sit on his lap. Not weird at all.


Thank you to all the moms, dads and kids that came out to Night at the North Pole, see you next year.

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