We have told you the best places locally to get your Christmas tree, now let's keep that baby alive.

Huge Christmas tree

If you are going to real tree route this year, you need to make sure it stays fresh through the holiday season.

I've done real, but decided to go back to fake this year. So I went from checking on it daily to now simply making sure it's unplugged when I go to bed.

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Tree Fresh all Season according to Accuweather.

  • Remember the tree is a live organism - Ask your tree place for a fresh cut on the trunk and make sure the tree gets water right away.
  • Plain, fresh water is key - Two times a day check the water level, and just use fresh water.
  • Needles don't have to be all over your house - Make sure the tree gets a good shakedown before you leave the tree farm. Most do that for you anyway.
  • Picking the best tree depends on a variety of factors - Being it the midwest is different tree shopping than west coast, makes sense right? Best time is right after Thanksgiving to buy, so go now.
  • Remove your tree in an environmentally-friendly way - Let the water dry out and into same pieces when done with it.




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