Oh no! You are out of wrapping paper. What in the world should you do!? I've got you covered.

Over the long holiday weekend, I decided it was time to break out the gift wrap and start wrapping presents.

I'm trying desperately to get all of my holiday shopping and wrapping done early. It seems like every year I am rushing to the finish line.

I came across a few struggles while wrapping, the main one being, I ran out of wrapping paper!

My arts and crafts skills took over and with these few tricks, I was able to finish it all this weekend.

Problem #1: I ran out of gift card holders.

Solution: Make them out of toilet paper tubes!

Problem #2: I had plenty of tops of boxes that didn't have its matching bottoms.

Solution: Turn the tops into boxes with two easy folds!

Problem #3: I ran out of wrapping paper.

Solution: Use fabric, especially on those toughly shaped gifts.

Want to learn how to do these? It's easy, watch the video below!