Former Fox 39 Anchor Sachelle Saunders was doing a live report during Hurricane Matthew.

Photo - Sachelle Saunders

From Rockford, Sachelle Saunders took her talents to Milwaukee and now she is in Florida, inside a giant storm. Sachelle works for WKMG in Orlando and had a stern warning on her Facebook page:

Please, do not believe that because you are inland, that you are safe. YOU ARE NOT SAFE. Stay away from windows, use interior rooms during the height of the storm. If needed, go to a shelter. This is a catastrophic level storm.


Call it crazy, call it brave, this video is incredible. Thankfully she found a spot where she could use a wall to block "some" of the wind.

In this video clip you can see the former Rockford news anchor struggling to stay on her feet as she does a live shot inside a freaking hurricane.




Oh Sachelle, you are brave reporter. I actually was watching this gripping my chair white knuckle tight. Someone get her a towel and some hot chocolate.