Former Chicago Blackhawk player, Bryan Bickell, tried to teach Double T how to skate.

According to, Bryan Bickell has announced his retirement.

I remember when Bryan Bickell was a top prospect for the Chicago Blackhawks. He spent a few years in Rockford preparing for his time in the NHL.

While he was here, I got to know him pretty well. He's such a nice guy. A good player too. He has a good hard shot. Plus, he's really powerful. I remember thinking, I wouldn't want to be hit into the boards by him.

I've worked for the Rockford IceHogs for several seasons. During that time, I've interviewed many players. I also work the games. I'm the in-game M.C. I run the contests during timeouts and intermissions.

A few years ago, Bryan was out with an injury. As he watched the game, he noticed what I did during the games. He got this bright idea that I should skate during the intermission promotions.

I had never learned how to skate. I hadn't even tried since I was a little kid.

He thought it would be a great idea to teach me how to skate.

The team was on a road trip. Since he was injured, he stayed in Rockford to rehab. He had a session down at Riverview Icehouse. He invited me down to hit the ice with him.

He got me all the protective gear. I was decked out head to toe just like a hockey player.

With the help of teammate, Jack Skille, here's Bryan Bickell's attempt to teach me how to skate.

Video: Bryan Bickell teaches Double T how to skate.


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