Former Chicago Blackhawk player, Bryan Bickell, tried to teach Double T how to skate.

According to, Bryan Bickell has announced his retirement.

"In his final home game with the Carolina Hurricanes, fans in Raleigh gave Bryan Bickell a standing ovation during the third period of Saturday’s game against the St. Louis Blues. Bickell, who was diagnosed in November with Multiple Sclerosis, has announced he will retire at the end of this season. The Hurricanes finish their schedule off Sunday in Philadelphia. He took to the ice to salute the crowd, his teammates and opponents as they stopped to salute him in a very touching moment."

I remember when Bryan Bickell was a top prospect for the Chicago Blackhawks. He spent a few years in Rockford preparing for his time in the NHL.

While he was here, I got to know him pretty well. He's such a nice guy. A good player too. He has a good hard shot. Plus, he's really powerful. I remember thinking, I wouldn't want to be hit into the boards by him.

I've worked for the Rockford IceHogs for several seasons. During that time, I've interviewed many players. I also work the games. I'm the in-game M.C. I run the contests during timeouts and intermissions.

A few years ago, Bryan was out with an injury. As he watched the game, he noticed what I did during the games. He got this bright idea that I should skate during the intermission promotions.

I had never learned how to skate. I hadn't even tried since I was a little kid.

He thought it would be a great idea to teach me how to skate.

The team was on a road trip. Since he was injured, he stayed in Rockford to rehab. He had a session down at Riverview Icehouse. He invited me down to hit the ice with him.

He got me all the protective gear. I was decked out head to toe just like a hockey player.

With the help of teammate, Jack Skille, here's Bryan Bickell's attempt to teach me how to skate.

Video: Bryan Bickell teaches Double T how to skate.


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