I had a chance to meet Gene Simmons of KISS Saturday night.

Photo - Captain Jack

Growing up a KISS fan, being able to hang out and chat with "The God of Thunder" was pretty great. With all that has been said about Gene Simmons, and all that HE has said I went into it pretty open minded.

One hundred million albums sold, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, one of the most influential rock bands ever, also one of the biggest mouths in rock history. But you know what, one heck of a nice guy.

KISS played a VIP acoustic set prior to their show at BMO. The band met with fans and showed a very friendly, humble and human side. They truly do appreciate the fans and all the support over the years.

After getting some quality time with Mr. Simmons here are Five Things I Learned Meeting Gene Simmons:

  • He is a really big guy - I'm 6'3", Gene Simmons is bigger than me. Weird.
  • He calls Rick Nielsen "Knucklehead" - Rick was at the Meet & Greet and took to the mic to talk about his relationship with KISS. Gene several times called him Knucklehead.
  • He is really good with kids - During their acoustic set there was a father that brought his young son. Gene was waving, tossing guitar picks the kids way, and told a crew member to give the kid his water. Happy Gene, happy kid.
  • I am not Gene's "biggest fan" - Gene Simmons had a guy carrying around a fan, extension cord a mile long, to keep him cool.
  • The big bad "Demon" is all talk - I don't want to get anyone in trouble so I'll just say another band member was telling me all about how great of a guy Gene is. How all the chatter, the big talk, the chest pounding "Gene Simmons" stuff is gimmick. He enjoys being the bad guy, being the loud mouth because it keeps him out there and always in conversations.

Before I introduced myself to Gene Simmons, before I could say hey I run a radio station that plays your band, etc...He was gracious, friendly and so great.  Thanks to Gene and KISS for an incredible night.