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What is the most popular Netflix show in Illinois?

I recently joined the Netflix world. I know I'm late to the party, but better late than never.

I'm really glad I finally subscribed to it. It's much more comfortable viewing a show from my couch, rather than Showplace 16. The snacks are cheaper at my house too.


I also got tired of people asking me, "Did you see that show on Netflix?" Now I can finally say, "yes." Every time I would say that I didn't have Netflix, they would look at me like I had two heads.

It's funny, because as soon as somebody knows you have Netflix. They immediately ask you what show are you currently binge watching. Plus, they have a "must see" show that you have to check out.

I really enjoy the music documentaries. I avoid anything Adam Sandler related. His Netflix catalog is not good. I've tried to watch a couple of them, but couldn't get through it.

Of course, some shows are more popular than others. Many people are going to watch shows like "The Walking Dead," "Orange is the New Black," and "House of Cards."

If you are looking for something new to watch, maybe you would want to check out what people in Illinois enjoy. So, what's the most popular Netflix in Illinois? According to time.com, it's "Making A Murderer." I've heard good things about it, so it's definitely going on my list.

For a bonus, the most popular one in Wisconsin is "Fuller House." There must be a lot of John Stamos fans there. I'm surprised it's not "Making A Murderer," since it took place in Wisconsin.

What's your favorite Netflix show?

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