Just about everyone who lives in Illinois has experienced a moment with a mascot with either a school, team, or business but did you know that many of those costumes were designed and made in our state?

According to dictionary.com,

What Is A Mascot?

An animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck.

According to bobbleheadhall.com,

What's The History Of Mascots?

The word ‘mascot’ comes from the French term ‘mascotte’ meaning lucky charm.


The word was first recorded in 1867 and popularised by the opera ‘La Mascotte’, performed in December 1880.

Do You Know Illinois Is Home To A Famous Mascot Making Company?

Facemakers Inc. is located in Savanna. It was started by two art students in Chicago. Their first mascots were frogs used to promote a horror movie. After the job, they sold the suits to a costume shop. The owners were so impressed they ordered more outfits. In 1972, the company was formed. A couple of years later they moved the business out of the city to its current town.

According to facemakersincorporated.com,

Facemakers has grown to become the number one source for mascot costumes worldwide.


Over 1000 pre-designed characters can be ordered as presented or restyled in your special colors at no extra charge.

Illinois' Facemakers Inc. Has An Impressive Client List

  • Smokey The Bear
  • Keebler Elf
  • Woodsy Owl
  • Tony the Tiger
  • Disney
  • White House
  • Olympics
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Thousands of schools and teams
  • Many movies and television shows
  • Businesses and companies

It's so cool that this company is located in Savanna. Next time you see a mascot, think of this Illinois business. For more info, HERE.

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