Sitting around the dinner table at night with the family is pretty much a thing of the past.

Photo - Teri Johnson
Photo - Teri Johnson

Each week we are taking a look at another Rockford professional and how they do dinner. Growing up, I was always at the dinner table, 5-5:30 to discuss the day and eat a meal. Busy lives, busy kids, life is just busy.

 This weeks Rockford professional is Teri Johnson. Teri is a Rockford Park District Detective, and one of my best friends. Here is her dinner time story:

I meal prep every Sunday and I'm in the gym almost every day during the week from 5-6pm. I have a 12 year old son that is literally the greatest kid in the world. He encourages me to work out - at 12!! When I'm not in the gym at night, I'm running him to guitar lessons or a math tutor. Anyway, after the gym I, of course, make sure my boy is fed as well. I will fix him whatever he wants and as close to a balanced meal as mine which is warming in the microwave. His is more like grilled cheese, chips and fruit but he's finicky and that's a battle I chose to pass on years ago. All in all, we both eat together or at least in the same room by 7pm. This is our life all week long...oh and throw in an hour of Common Core Math that I am YouTubing on how to do... ssiigghhh. - Teri Johnson

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